Lifeboard parseh products

Laptops and tablets

Life Board Parseh reputation is tied with the biggest IT brands like Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo , Asus etc. the quality of service and variety of products , has put Life Board Parseh at the forefront of Iran’s IT market. For instance, laptops packed with powerful sound processing components for music and sound experts or graphic powerhouses for gamers. Hence, the prophecy of the company is to provide original and well-known products in line with Persian customers’ tact.

Cooperation and receiving certificates and approvals for sales representatives and after-sales service of the products from Asus and Lenovo companies is another honors of Life Board Parseh Company.

Computer components

Life Board Parseh company is one of the biggest suppliers of computer components such as main boards, internal and external hard disks, processors and graphic cards in Iran’s IT market. The company’s philosophy is to omit the intermediaries so that Persian customers could have access to top brands of the world of IT with ease and affordability. One of the most significant achievements of the company is to establish the commercial relationships with famous brands such as Acer, Asus, Lenovo etc. Achieving several certificates from the above-mentioned companies is the proof for this claim.

Office automations

This is another demanded and popular category consisted of scanners, printers, in which Life Board Parseh is active at. According to market tendency, the company has been providing top products from famous brands such as HP, Canon, Epson etc along with genuine guarantee to organizations, schools and offices for years.

Servers and network equipment

Today, having top quality server equipment is crucial to all private and organizational companies. Using a young and expert network department, Life Board Parseh company has identified the market’s needs and has made it possible for customers to have access to the variety of servers, firewall switches, routers, modems etc from the pioneers of this field like Cisco, Mikrotik and HP.