In 2005, life board group gathered a company of specialists and experts in order to turn the traditional market of IT products into a modern and more customer friendly market.

This company has founded with the goal of providing solution for the customer’s IT needs and situations in the most reliable and efficient way. In recent years the company has gained a considerable market share through providing profitable opportunities to identified beneficial customers, creative and unique marketing methods, professional sales and distribution channels, advanced logistic services, professional management team, strong financial services, development of infrastructures via increasing the variety of products and expanding the commercial channels through a wide product distribution provided by over hundred representatives.


Our mission in Iran’s IT market is to interact with top digital brands to maximize their commercial potential in country level. Life board Parseh Company will continue its prophecy relying on investing in human resource, customer satisfaction and building trust.


Our visionary planning is to provide creative solution for distributing products in a global level to increase the commercial interactions with other countries. This approach along with relying on futuristic knowledge of our managers has resulted in new view in all important “supplying customer needs” field has put Life Board Parseh at the forefront of Iran’s vast IT market

Life Board Parseh headquarter

The headquarters of Life Board Parseh group is a modern building located in downtown of Tehran. Having 5000 meters of dedicated space for deployment of 250 members and 500 meters of space provided to conferences and events, this building is designed to fulfill the needs of experts and customers in modern and convenient way.