Achieving success at the first world banking summit

Attending the pioneers of the banking industry in Iran, USA, UK, South Africa and 800 domestic managers and experts, the first world banking summit was held at international conference center of IRIB .

During this important event, topics such as ((new goals of future banking)),(( making the customer delighted)) Dr.M.Jackson, (( banking crisis)) , (( evolution in bank branches)) Pro.M.Alison, ))excellence domains in banking strategies)) R.Spicoland (( banking industry in near future)) (( commercial banks restructuring)) Pro.G.Souli, (( responsible barrowing in future banks)) (( In to out leading)) J.Simpson , (( future of banking in iran)) Dr.F.Nili (( the effect of cell phones on banking services))(( ethics and rules of mobile banking)) M.Nosifor (( meaningless money)) ((2020 banks)) C.Skinner (( making network for bankers)) ((personal brand making for bankers)) R.Brown  (( customer oriented banking)) Pro G.Guss were discussed.

As one of the most superior supporter of this conference, Life Board Parseh Company had significance and effective presence. This conference was an opportunity for a deep interaction between the company experts and other participants.