Distribution channels

Obviously, the availability of in-demand products and equipment is one the main concerns of whole-sellers and retailers of IT market. The sales department of Life Board Parseh with over hundreds of representatives has been trying its best to ascertain the clients that their needed gears is always within their reach. This department is consisted of whole-sellers, representatives and shops which are involved with cell-phones, computer equipment and office supplies that provide support and marketing helps to all customers. In addition, as long as retailers is concerned, it can be claimed for sure that Life Board Parseh is among the biggest suppliers for retailers in Iran.

The commercial channel of life board Parseh is founded in Dubai to facilitate the international business relationship with other companies. This company is active as one of the biggest suppliers of IT equipment in the region. Other than Life Board Parseh headquarter which is located in Tehran, this company has numerous representatives in country level and provides the opportunity of purchase for majority of IT enthusiasts.