Online shop

Nowadays remote shopping from a reliable online shop, has become a big apprehension among those who prefer to shop online. They rather gather information and shop from an authentic web site and pay the price safely. As you know, online shopping is beneficial in so many ways such as reducing the transportation cost and time saving.

In line with this fact, Life Board Parseh is organizing two powerful online shops to provide services to ultimate users and direct customers one of which is the first and the only online credit store in Iran. Also, since Life Board Parseh has a wide range of customers, this company has developed a dedicated web site to be used by ultimate users to purchase directly without any intermediary.

Supplying original products with reliable guarantees, affordable prices, the possibility of giving back the goods and lightning fast service providing in line with supporting the user’s rights has been the main goals of Life Board Parseh’s online stores. Based on executive manager’s emphasis on supporting user’s rights it has become possible for customers to have a specific consultant before their purchase.

There are two web sites developed by Life Board Parseh which are “” for wholesalers and end users and “” where end users can make use of online credit shopping services. Both web sites have all the required online business certificates.