Organizational sales

On the dot supply and distribution are among the most important factors which motivates organizations to choose the company to purchase what they need. Using trained and responsible experts, Life Board Parseh provides the services such as purchase advisory, ordering, supply and distributing of vast range of digital equipment and computer components.

The organizational sales department of Life Board Parseh, is one of the best and biggest departments in Iran which provides a wide range of products, gears and brilliant before and after sales services. The production line has a capacity of producing over 1000 computer units which can be visited by the experts of the client companies. Providing vast range of services in different fields has resulted in earning so many certifications and awards by the executive manager and the company as a whole.

Having long term and effective cooperation with banks, ministries, oil and petrol companies, hotels and so many other private and organizational companies is among the main goals of Life Board Parseh.